Taylor White

Name: Taylor Kaitlin White
Job/employer: Project Management Coordinator, 360 Energy Group
About you: Raised a true Chicago girl, I always am looking for adventure. I am a black belt in karate, scuba diving certificated and a skydiving and rock climbing adrenaline junkie. After I completed my biggest adventure, college, at Bowling Green State University, I moved back to Chicago and began work in the STEM education sector. In 2016, I started at 360 Energy Group, where I was able to combine my passions for the environment and adventure. When I’m not working, you can find me at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum volunteering in the public interpretation programs (aka: playing with turtles) or at they gym tearing up the yoga studio. Namaste!
Why you joined the EP Committee: I have been a lifelong sustainability activist. When I began working at 360 Energy Group, I was encouraged to take advantage of all Illinois Green Alliance events, which lead me to the Emerging Professionals Committee. The networking events, volunteer events and other programs are great resources for young professionals.
Likes: Karaoke, fashion, traveling, American flag anything, all things fitness (yoga, pilates, running, spinning, etc.), waffles, classic rock music, VW Beetles, champagne and baby animals.
Dislikes: Seafood, salads, country music, balloons and Twitter