Steph Townsend


 Steph Townsend

Job/employer:  Interior Designer, AECOM

About you:  Though I have moved around a lot, Chicago is my home. I studied architecture at the University of Notre Dame and interior design at Savannah College of Art and Design. I am just beginning my career and am excited for where my endeavors might take me. I’m a busybody and a thinker, and I love to learn. I find myself becoming more and more passionate about and involved in social, economic, and environmental causes. Lastly, I am a proud member of TeamNoSleep —after all, there is too much to be done!

Why you joined the EP Committee:  I didn’t understand the definition, impact or importance of sustainability until I was in my third year of college, and after taking a couple graduate courses on the subject I knew I wanted to learn more. I stumbled upon Illinois Green Alliance looking to learn from and network with like-minded individuals passionate and knowledgeable about all things sustainability. Plus, my favorite color is green!

Likes:  Food! Travel. Books. Wine. Running. Elephants! Good company. Good design.

Dislikes:  Loud chewing. Traffic. Birds. Eggs. Negative energy.