Priyam Parikh


Name: Priyam Parikh

Job/Employer: Engineer, CLEAResult

About you: Born and raised in Mumbai, India, I made my way to graduate school at Texas A&M University to get my master’s in mechanical engineering. I was hired soon after graduation to work in a research lab in Texas that focused on energy efficiency in manufacturing facilities. During my time at the lab, I came to realize the vast amount of opportunities in the energy industry — there is so much room for research and innovation and using various skills to tackle sustainability challenges. After my two-year stint at the Texas lab, I moved to Indiana to work as an energy efficiency engineer. I recently moved to Chicago, where I play a bigger role in the design of energy efficiency programs.

Why you joined the EP Committee: Being a part of the EP committee has helped me connect with other professionals who share the same level of optimism about the industry as I do. As a recent Chicago transplant, it also has been a great way to get involved with the community and increase awareness of local issues affecting Chicagoans.

Likes: Cities with great public transit, Bloody Mary brunches, podcasts (shout out to Stuff You Should Know, The Energy Gang and Planet Money), separate vegetarian sections on menus and Shark Tank!

Dislikes: BuzzFeed and other new age media, long distance flights and okra.