Megan McKitterick


Name: Megan McKitterick

Job/Employer: Sales Director, TeaSquares

About you: I’m a perpetual student and huge sustainability nerd. I helped launch a net-zero energy building grant program for work and am about to graduate with an MBA and MS in sustainability management. As if class weren’t enough, I read books about sustainability, green buildings and sustainable operations every chance I get. I am extremely passionate and will take on any new challenge that presents itself. The best advice my mom ever gave me was “say yes to every opportunity” and “find work that you love and success will follow.” That advice has guided me to some of the best decisions I ever made, including grad school and joining the EP Committee!  

Why you joined the EP Committee: Illinois Green Alliance’s mission aligns with my passions and has been an amazing association to be a part of. The events have helped me grow my professional network, expand my green building knowledge and meet some incredible people. The EP Committee members are the next wave of sustainability experts, and working with young professionals as driven and passionate as me was an opportunity I couldn’t resist!

Likes: Hiking, puppies, reading by the lake, wine, ice fishing, off-roading, country music, boating, buffalo sauce on anything and everything and talking random people’s ears off about net-zero energy buildings.

Dislikes: Onions, tomatoes (unless it’s on pizza), whatever “EDM” is, bugs (even though they seem to love me), Chicago winters, traffic and the show “Friends” (yes, I know I am the only one who doesn’t like it).