Lauren Tavel

Lauren Headshot


Name: Lauren Tavel

Job/Employer: Program Analyst, CBRE

About you: A Hoosier through and through, I received a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Management from Indiana University and moved to Chicago from Indianapolis. When I am not working with building project teams on sustainable residential developments in the Chicagoland area, I am either working with The Homestead Group to help lease apartments in near-northwest Chicago or volunteering with the Junior League of Chicago to serve the community, train leaders and change lives. I love to give back to the community and learn something new every day. Needless to say, I enjoy staying busy and have developed a pretty good coffee addiction.

Why you joined the EP Committee: I’ve always been passionate about sustainability and its implementation into daily life. I am very dedicated to growing awareness of how the green building industry can be implemented into neighboring sectors of the industry. I value education and training, and I feel the Emerging Professionals can bridge the connections to do so. Additionally, this committee provides incredible networking opportunities and friendly faces to cheers with at Illinois Green Alliance events and beyond.

Likes: Traveling, movies, photography, live music, exploring Chicago, being outside in general, hiking, long walks on the beach/Lake Shore path, wine.

Dislikes: Sushi, seafood, mushrooms, olives, The Bachelor/Bachelorette and most “reality TV shows” that are not, in fact, reality.