Zach Rose


Name: Zachary Rose

Job/Employer: Project Engineer, Pepper Construction Company

About you: I recently moved to the suburbs of Chicago from central Illinois after finishing my undergraduate degree from Illinois State University in renewable energy and industrial engineering and my master’s degree in project management and sustainable construction. I have been working in some sort of construction since a young age, so you could say it’s been a pretty influential part of “building” the person I am today. A cheesy construction pun … I know … but to say the least, I am very fortunate to be able to meld my two passions together as I work in the high performance and sustainable construction division at Pepper.

Why you joined the EP Committee: When I took my job in the Chicago suburbs, I also took a leap of faith and followed my passion. To say the least, I knew no one up here — and hey, going to Chicago use to be a weekend vacation for me. I found out about the EP Committee by attending USGBC events such as Limelight and the holiday party. It allows me to surround myself with like-minded and passionate young professionals and to share my ideas about the progression of sustainability in the built environment.

Likes: Literally anything outside. You name it, I’ll give it a try: hiking, farming, fishing, off-roading, football, ultimate Frisbee and skiing, etc.

Dislikes: To go along with my previous statement, I hate being cooped up indoors, sitting down (I tend to not sit still), and, well, no dislike list wouldn’t be complete without food — I am not a big fan of corn … unless it’s on the cob.