Statement on U.S. withdrawal from Paris climate accord

Statement in support of USGBC-Illinois’ strategic plan in light of U.S. withdrawal from Paris climate accord

The USGBC-Illinois Emerging Professionals Committee stands with USGBC-Illinois regarding the current administration’s decision to withdraw from the Paris climate accord.

While the decision is misguided and dangerous, we believe that climate action does not start and end with the federal government. Our incredible volunteers demonstrate every day how people on the local and state level can make a tremendous difference.

As young professionals who are rising to leadership positions in architecture, policy, sustainable construction, real estate and countless other professions that better our region, we recognize the tremendous environmental challenges that lie ahead.

We choose to look at those challenges as opportunities to secure a healthier, more sustainable and more prosperous future.

We are the generation that will stand up and address the most pressing threat of our time. The Emerging Professionals are committed to doing all they can to achieve USGBC-Illinois’ strategic plan — the Epic Challenge — to bring carbon reduction solutions to every Chicago neighborhood, while also bettering the region and world through our professional lives.

Read the full statement from USGBC-Illinois below our signatures or on its website.


The USGBC-Illinois Emerging Professionals Committee

Natalie Hicks           Lauren Tavel            Priyam Parikh         Zach Rose                

Joe Popely                Ryan Anderson         Megan McKitterick  

Steph Townsend     Andy Stein                 Taylor White

USGBC-Illinois joins a growing list of American cities, states, public and private institutions, and private sector companies to reaffirm our commitment to address climate change. While we are deeply disappointed by this administration’s withdrawal from the historic Paris climate accord, we remain focused on the important work ahead.

We also remain hopeful. Carbon reduction solutions already exist. They’re well understood and expanding around the world. Many of these are “no regrets” solutions — actions that make sense to take regardless of climate impact. They have intrinsic benefits to communities and economies. They improve lives, create jobs and restore the environment.  In fact, that’s the crux of our Epic Challenge, the USGBC-Illinois strategic plan to implement these carbon reduction solutions in every Chicago neighborhood.

Our organization represents 10,000 business leaders, community members and sustainability advocates. These individuals helped to establish Chicago as a global leader in sustainability. Now our movement must come together and lead.

I ask that you reaffirm your commitment to this issue and our organization. Become a volunteer or member and help us advance our Epic Challenge.  With your help, we can create healthy, sustainable communities for all.


Chris Dillion
President of Campbell Coyle
2017 Chair, USGBC-Illinois Board of Directors



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