UGSBC Regional Conference | 2014

The weekend of March 28th marked the 2nd annual USGBC Students Regional Conference. Students from Michigan, Ohio and Indiana made their way to Purdue University to celebrate the green movement. Purdue University was the place to be if you are a student pursuing a career within the green movement.

As an emerging professional, I truly loved attending the conference last year at Michigan State University. At last year’s conference, I met Juanita Garcia (USGBC National Chair), hung out with Ale Carreon (EP Detroit) and Nishant Makhijani (USGBC Students UIUC 3rd President).

This year at Purdue University, the conference was bigger and greener. Major Bob Dixson of Greensburg, KS was the keynote speaker, DJ Anarchy made a special appearance and killed it, and Maureen Sertich unveiled Whirlpool’s Eco Home. Those are just the highlights!

In addition, the conference opened up another potential collaboration: an EP retreat! After speaking with the Danielle Cotton (Detroit EP), Chicago and Detroit EPs are planning a retreat to bridge the 280 mile gap between our two cities and chapters.

This conference is a clear indication that sustainability is for like-minded, determined and motivated individuals, in any industry, to come together and celebrate the success of the green movement.


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