Welcome to the page for the Illinois Green Alliance Emerging Professionals (EPs). (On Nov. 2, 2017, the U.S. Green Building Council – Illinois chapter was rebranded as Illinois Green Alliance).

(Left to right) Back row: Andy Stein, Joe Popely, Taylor White, Priyam Parikh        Front row: Liz Kuehn, Natalie Hicks, Steph Townsend, Megan McKitterick, Lauren Tavel (Not pictured: Ari Widen)

About us

We are a diverse group of young professionals dedicated to achieving Illinois Green Alliance’s Project Drawdown-inspired strategic plan, the Epic Challenge. We educate, foster collaboration and create action within Chicago’s architecture, design, energy, sustainability and engineering industries to help achieve the Epic Challenge’s three ambitious Illinois-specific goals. Together we can make our state and city more sustainable and prosperous. 

Have a question or want to get involved? Email us: illinoisgreenep@gmail.com


Q: Does being an Emerging Professional mean I’m on the committee?

A: No. Emerging Professional is just an Illinois Green Alliancemembership designation.

Q: OK, so why should I join? 

A: For starters, registering as an Emerging Professional costs less than half regular annual membership. Plus, you’ll get access to a contingent of young professionals passionate about the same things you are. We put on Emerging Professionals-specific events to engage the rising crop of sustainability professionals, such as happy hours, networking events and volunteer opportunities.

Q:  I’m not a member of Illinois Green Alliance. How do I join? 

A: Simple: visit the Illinois Green Alliance membership page. If you’re unsure of your membership status or already have a membership and want to register as an Emerging Professional, contact Joan Martin at jmartin@illinoisgreenalliance.org.

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